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Latest Android Game Review News

Review: Asus ZenFone 2 – The Rahul Dravid of Smartphones
Review: Asus ZenFone 2 – The Rahul Dravid of Smartphones … Which brings us to an explanation of that headline we have used, as it might have confused those who do not follow the game of cricket (it is supposed to be a religion in India). …. Used …
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PC Review – 'Oceanhorn: Monster of Uncharted Seas'
There are certain genres and games that aren't surprising when they transition from iOS and Android to PC: endless runners, match three puzzle games, 2-D platformers, and runaway hits like Angry Birds and Cut the Rope. What is unexpected are sprawling …
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AlphaBetty Saga launched on iOS and Android as latest from King
King has launched a brand new game called AlphaBetty Saga on the iOS and Android app stores. The developer of the ridiculously addictive Candy Crush Saga titles has a brand new games for us to get our thumbs into and it's called AlphaBetty Saga.
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MLB 15: The Show review for PS4, PS3, PS Vita
In general, I've judged entries in the MLB: The Show series for how well they work as single-player, offline games. For the most part, this has served me pretty well. It's allowed me to turn my beloved Blue Jays into perennial World Series champions in …
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Tokyo Twilight Ghost Hunters review for PS Vita, PS3
As nice as it would be to say that Tokyo Twilight Ghost Hunters is the game that changed my mind…well, it's not. Going strictly by the visual novel elements of the game, it's probably worse than what I've come to expect. Not only that, the one major …
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With PlayStation Now, Sony proves that game streaming works
… pay-per-game ownership model of retail discs and downloads. If you have the bandwidth and a yearning to sample some PS3 classics among the service's somewhat limited initial selection on your PlayStation 4, PlayStation Now is well worth checking …
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Syberia Review – Revisiting a Hidden Gem (PS3)
Did you grow up playing adventure games like Myst? Or, do you remember an age where characters would move screen-to-screen as 3D objects over static, painted backgrounds (think Final Fantasy VII for that bit)? Are you okay with playing a game like that …
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Latest Mac Game Review News

The Sims 4 Expansion Packs release date, Game Packs, new features
The Sims 4, the latest instalment in the hugely popular life simulation game franchise, was announced by EA in May 2013 but didn't hit the shelves until September 2014, followed by the Mac release in February 2015. But when are the Sims 4 expansion …
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2014-2015 Toledo Rockets men's basketball season in review
J.D. Weatherspoon – Big man 'Spoon used his big body to board better than many of the best of the ballers in the MAC. Weatherspoon utilized his athleticism to grab eight rebounds a game on top of his 13 points per game. His third-team selection to the …
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PC/Mac Game Review: 'The Sims 4' – is it Worth the Upgrade?
The Sims 4, which has just released for Mac this month, meets the challenge admirably. Like every other game, it isn't perfect, and some of the frustrations one encounters with it are truly ridiculous, but it does a solid job in updating the very …
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The original entry in the incredibly engaging (and addictive) historical grand strategy series! Brace yourself, complexity is coming. ○ Please consider supporting LGR on Patreon! http://www.patr…
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Serious Sam The First & Second Encounter PC Game Review

Serious Sam is the first video game (released in two episodes) in the Serious Sam series. It is a first-person shooter (with third-person shooter options) created by the Croatian development…
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Breath of Fire review. Classic Game Room presents a CGRundertow review of Breath of Fire for Super NES. CAPCOM. Don’t believe everything that you breathe, or read on the front of this cart….
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CGRundertow ZOMBIU for Nintendo Wii U Video Game Review

Follow CGRundertow on Twitter! http://Twitter.com/CGRundertow ZombiU video review. Classic Game Room presents a CGRundertow video review of ZombiU from Ubisoft for the Nintendo Wii U.
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Latest Xbox Game Review News

Child of Light is Gorgeously Fun | Xbox One Review
The month of April was actually an anniversary month for the popular Games with Gold program for Xbox Live members and because of that we got two free games this month, one of them being Child of Light. I had been eyeing this release for months and …
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Stealth Inc. 2: A Game of Clones (Xbox One, PS4, PC) Game Review
My penchant for puzzle-platformers has been known to keep me up at night. Long after I've turned off the electronics to get a few winks of sleep, I would continue thinking about the level I stopped at, mentally going through it ad infinitum until I …
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Accessory Review: My Passport X Portable Hard Drive for Xbox One
There are a lot of great games available on the Xbox One, and the always-increasing size of each game means less room available on the console's hard drive for storing them. Because of that, gamers end up deleting many games. They also end up …
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2014-2015 Western Michigan Broncos men's basketball season in review
WMU navigated such parity late in the season just a year ago, but the Broncos faded slowly from MAC west title consideration in 2015 as it faltered in the toughest part of its campaign – a string of games featuring, in order, Akron, Buffalo, Eastern …
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'Diablo 3' Is The Macaroni And Cheese Of Video Games
Yes, I probably should have been socializing and going to parties, but as something of an introvert, on the occasions when I couldn't be bothered to do those things, I would dive into Diablo 2 (with a bowl of mac and cheese on my desk in front of me …
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Microsoft releases 'Halo: Spartan Strike' top-down shooter for iPhone & iPad
Microsoft Studios is today releasing a new top-down shooter set in the Halo universe for iPhones and iPads (in addition to Windows mobile devices and Steam for PC). The game, developed by Microsoft Studios, 343 Industries, and Vanguard Games, is set …
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