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Our latest issue celebrates the amazing LucasArts/Lucasfilm Games. We also have plenty of other awesome stuff as well.
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Happy days it’s another issue of the wonderful Retro Gamer. This month we speak to Julian Gollop, look at the making of Ms PAc-Man and Destruction Derby and …

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CAT FRIDAY: Video Game Cats Pt. 1
… tricky to find since the indie game isn't available on Steam. Download LaserCat at IndieCity for $ 1.99. A simple, quick play, LaserCat is appropriate for young kids to adults, who'll love its silly trivia and retro art-style throwback to the early …
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PC Review – 'Tesla Effect: A Tex Murphy Adventure'
It makes it fun for retro gamers and series devotees alike. The threads tying Tesla's works to a larger conspiracy can seem like a serious adventure one minute before skating on thin ice the next. There's a sense that there are a lot of tangents that …
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Crusader Elite is a deliciously violent retro tappy slasher that's out right
There's a free version [download] that's just survival mode and gives you a taste of what the game has to offer, and for just 60p / $ 1.00 [buy] you can grab the full game which adds some extra modes into the mix. And fret not iOS grumps, the game …
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Towerfall: Ascension
What I was met with was a retro looking game that would be at home in any 90s arcade parlour. Simple controls, and a simple premise: kill each wave of bad guys before progressing to the next area. Each level is displayed as a cross section of what …
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AR-15 Mag Wraps Rapid Wraps 3-Pack (Retro Gamer Controller)

AR-15 Mag Wraps Rapid Wraps 3-Pack (Retro Gamer Controller)

  • Fits any 30rd AR-15 Magazine
  • Easy to install
  • No interference with the operation of your weapon
  • Comes in a 3-Pack

Mag WrapsTM come in 3-packs and will fit any 30rd AR-15 Magazine. They are easy to install and offer the ultimate in protection and graphics for your magazines. The wraps stop right at the mag well so there is no interference with the operation of your magazine while in the weapon.

List Price: $ 19.99

Price: $ 19.99

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De componisten achter de games: deel 1 – Muziek uit het land van de rijzende zon
Binnenkort vindt de vierde editie plaats van Games in Concert, waar Gamer.nl samenwerkt met het Metropole Orkest om er voor gameliefhebbers een muzikale topavond van te maken. In de aanloop naar het concert toe willen we lezers alvast introduceren …
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Rétro Vers Le Futur : Digital Fantasies – Une expo sur l'univers des jeux vidéo
Rétro Vers Le Futur : Digital Fantasies – Une expo sur l'univers des jeux vidéo indépendants à découvrir à Lille. Le samedi 29 Mars 2014 à 09h11 par Clint008. 196 lectures Source: OrdiRetro. OrdiRetro présente 12 jeux à l'E-artsup ce samedi 29 mars.
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