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Our latest issue celebrates the amazing LucasArts/Lucasfilm Games. We also have plenty of other awesome stuff as well.
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Happy days it’s another issue of the wonderful Retro Gamer. This month we speak to Julian Gollop, look at the making of Ms PAc-Man and Destruction Derby and …

The Keep brings Dungeon Master-style dungeon crawling to 3DS this summer
It is, essentially, that retro classic remade for the 3DS. If you're not quite old enough to know what Dungeon Master is, … Being retro in style and spirit, The Keep is designed to test veteran adventurers. However, there are multiple difficulties to …
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Super Time Force Is Super…
It uses some common themes and elements from other classic games and couples it with some witty dialogue and interesting game play mechanics to produce a game for a current generation console that feels a lot like a retro game from the past.
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Quadblast plays like a minimalist version of Geometry Wars and is coming to
With Quadblaster, Peter Birch is hoping to capture the essence of retro arcade shooters like Asteroids and Robotron, and Xbox Live's Geometry Wars. … It's a simple change, and one that fits the game's minimalist look – it's all bold colours and circles.
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CAT FRIDAY: Video Game Cats Pt. 1
… tricky to find since the indie game isn't available on Steam. Download LaserCat at IndieCity for $ 1.99. A simple, quick play, LaserCat is appropriate for young kids to adults, who'll love its silly trivia and retro art-style throwback to the early …
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PC Review – 'Tesla Effect: A Tex Murphy Adventure'
It makes it fun for retro gamers and series devotees alike. The threads tying Tesla's works to a larger conspiracy can seem like a serious adventure one minute before skating on thin ice the next. There's a sense that there are a lot of tangents that …

NHL 97 review — December 1996, US edition

NHL 97 review — December 1996, US edition
It even holds up visually, kind of—the low-poly models look a bit like they could be modern retro. What hockey on PC looks like now, though, is a single, sad NHL game in the Origin library. NHL 09 is a fine game, but at five years old it doesn't carry …
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25 reasons we love the Game Boy, 25 years later
Earlier this week, the Game Boy turned 25–meaning it's older than approximately half of the people currently reading this. Back then, we didn't have high-definition graphics, LED screens, or 3D sliders. We had greyish-green pixels, and we liked it.
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Knights of Pen & Paper, the Silver Award-winning dungeon delving RPG mash
At review we said "Knights of Pen & Paper may be too old-fashioned for some, but players craving an RPG that tickles that retro itch won't be able to resist its dicey charms." I think we meant dicey as in related to dice, rather than a bit dodgy …
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PlayStation Store Flash Sale Features 30 Titles for .99 Each
The sale includes classic titles like Braid, Everyday Shooter, Gotham City Impostors, Plants vs Zombies, Retro City Rampage, Super Stardust HD, Tokyo Jungle and more. Note that … news posts. He's a PC gamer at heart and his favourite game is Diablo II.
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Crusader Elite is a deliciously violent retro tappy slasher that's out right
There's a free version [download] that's just survival mode and gives you a taste of what the game has to offer, and for just 60p / $ 1.00 [buy] you can grab the full game which adds some extra modes into the mix. And fret not iOS grumps, the game …
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Towerfall: Ascension
What I was met with was a retro looking game that would be at home in any 90s arcade parlour. Simple controls, and a simple premise: kill each wave of bad guys before progressing to the next area. Each level is displayed as a cross section of what …

NES Retro Dogbone Controller

NES Retro Dogbone Controller

  • Dog bone body shape reduces thumb and hand fatigue
  • Compatible with Nintendo and NES replica systems
  • Eight-way directional pad
  • Four digital buttons

Shaped like a dog bone, the Tomee NES Dogbone Controller reduces thumb and hand fatigue thanks to its round body. It features an eight-way directional pad and four digital buttons, and it works great on the Nintendo and NES replica systems.

List Price: $ 14.99

Price: $ 1.95

Retro Gamer Cufflinks

Retro Gamer Cufflinks

Retro Gamer Cufflinks. Add a dose of personality to your suit with the Retro Gamer Cufflinks! A nod to a true classic, relive the glory of hunting ducks or searching for the first princess in your life. A must have for a true video game aficionado. Enamel plated, the cufflinks feature a bullet back closure. Materials: Silver Plated. Dimensions: 1″L x 0.38″W x 0.38″H Weight: 0.2 lbs

List Price: $ 49.95

Price: $ 49.95