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LELEC LE-50 Maximum 100″ Screen Portable Mini Pc Av TV VGA USB HDMI Interface Power Bank Supported LED Home Video Movie Projector For Outdoor Camping, Movie Night with Families Mobile Projector – Black&Silver #B01011

LELEC LE-50 Maximum 100

  • Efficient heat dissipation,greatly promote its stability and life span .The LED lamp works for over 20,000 hours. Vehicle power supply supported(5V 2A), easy to use.Multi-function interface: Video in / USB Play / SD card play / VGA PC / HDMI Connect.
  • LELEC Mini LED Projector is convenient to carry with a lightweight and portable design. Watch your favorite programs with bigger screen.Or connect to your PC or DVD Player to watch newly released videos or movies.
  • Mini Size for easier bring and moving. This mini projector can be powered by a power bank. But the image will not as bright as powered by the charger, as is shown in the picture.
  • *****************************Please rotate the lens to adjust the focus.Many customers say that this projector can’t focus without knowing this. **************************Suitable for outdoor camping, movie night with friends , partner , lover , family, and enjoy yourself alone. Ball game,sport, world cup , maximal exercise. NOT Recommended for business presentation. Please don’t choose this one if you are looking for business presentation projector. The real projection image is as shown in the picture. This is just a projector for a simple happy movie night for a normal family or kids. Please find another if you have high expectations.
  • Native Resolution 320×480. ( Clear Picture in Dark Environment) Contrast 300:1. Projection Size 30-100inches. Easy switching aspect ratio between 16:9 and 4:3. Build with Optical trapezoidal keystone correction, adjusting the picture trapezoidal distortion. It can’t connect with pc with IOS system. It can connect with android phone with MHL cable if your phone supports MHL function ( connect the USB2.0 and HDMI plug of the MHL cable into corresponding interface on the projector, and then connect the micro usb plug to your android phone, then choose HD in the displayed menu. then the screen on your phone will be synced to the projector). If your phone is iPhone, then a wireless HDMI WiFi display dongle like ipush will be needed. (MHL or ipush is not included in the package).

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Type: LED Projector
Display Tech: LCD
Native Resolution: 480 x 320
Brightness: 80 LM
Projection Image Size: 30-100 inch
Projection Distance: 1-3m
Contrast Ratio: 300:1
Input Interfaces: Micro USB, HDMI, VGA, AV-In, Standard USB, SD
Output Interfaces: 3.5mm Earphone
Aspect Ratio: supp

List Price: $ 269.99

Price: $ 76.46

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  • Ideal for fine nail art work.

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