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Misogyny behind the Great Firewall: China's online gamers need to grow up
Last week, I wrote up a story about a World of Warcraft player who caused a bit of a ruckus online after sleeping with some female guild members “for the alliance.” As I wrote at the time, the news instigated a bit of a discussion about female gamers …
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Mystic Chronicles Announced and Screens
Lux has just begun his training to join the Guardians Guild, a society charged with ridding the world of troublemakers. However, a chance meeting with a young girl sets in motion a series of events that sets Lux on a far more serious quest than just …
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Community Calendar: Week of Feb. 20-26, 2013
“Tasters Guild” meetings at 7 p.m. third Wed. of each month at Der Rathskeller, 1132 Auburn St. Info/membership: or Freeport Park …… Unplugged Gamers – Rockford Public Library. Main Library YA …
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If the players and guilds in MMO games go, not uncommon, where people are just trying to meet, guilds have an ulterior motive. In this video we show you an example of someone who registered in our union with what seems to be less than honorable intentions, as we expose the lies.

The Alchemists(Healthy gamer guild) and Visual Gamers got together to do some organized WvW on Borlis Pass. I’ve never had so much fun in a game, Guild Wars 2 certainly is everything it’s been hyped up to be, and more :) Twitch: Website: Facebook Twitter:

A topical video discussing elements from GuildWars that are present now and soon to be in GuildWars2! Elder Dragons,Sylvari and those damn accursed White Moa…Vanguard Cyrus guides us through the fearsome grassy plaines and illuminated swamps of bliss in search of the holy grail. Okay so he just wanders around and shows a few areas you might have skipped over or missed out on. If you like the video “Like” it,Subscribe if you enjoy and everyone is welcome who wants a great community guild to stop by our website @ (PS) Cyrus was sans boxers just for this video!

Let me know what you think, whether you want to see more of this? Any other game suggestions, I really do enjoy playing other games and I hope everyone can respect that and enjoy them with me. Drop a comment if you played in the Beta weekend or intend on playing upon its release. Some nice gameplay in arranged PvP on a Ranger with Greatsword and Lynx. Including some nice 1v2′s, escapes and chases. Music by Moleman: Moleman – Imagine Itunes: Check him out on Facebook and show him some love: Follow Moleman on Facebook: Please check out my sick AP Ez guide on SK with some really nice advice in it: Check out my first upload to Machinima Realm a really nice guide on keeping yourself one step ahead: Drop a comment and show some support if you like it Stay up to date on Twitter and Facebook Twitter: Facebook: Please create an account and follow me on to recieve notifcations of when I’m streaming. Please check it out it does mean a lot to me: If you have any further questions add me on skype: mattmcdermott- and I’ll do my best to answer them.

Elder Scrolls Online trailer, beta electrify the imagination
Zenimax and publisher Bethesda Softworks didn't disclose when The Elder Scrolls Online would begin beta testing, or reveal much information other than the fact that PC and Mac gamers can participate. Read the beta FAQ for more details, or listen to the …
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'Flame & Frost: Prelude' event detailed for Guild Wars 2
Earlier this month, ArenaNet's Colin Johanson outlined the future direction of Guild Wars 2 in a fairly hefty blog post for the game's official site. One of the main strands of his post was a commitment to more multi-stage narrative events in the game …

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Enter at Your Own Rift: The burden of leveling
As if they were getting a second job to supplement a weak income, RIFT gamers have to either jump between zones, engage in a lot of the kill quests, or really devour IAs and dungeon crawls to make ends meet. It's jarring because we haven't had to do …
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Events calendar, through end of January
NEW EXHIBIT, Atria Marland Place hosts, wine reception and meet-and-greet with the Andover Artists Guild. Enjoy delicious … BOARD GAMES CONVENTION, Northern Essex Community College's Bacon Board Gamers, a student club, will host a Board Game …
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Video: 2012 video games of the year

Video: 2012 video games of the year
One has to factor in Nintendo's marketing with games and online apps that target the those that are the non-gamers. At the same time, … Journey was in competition with other nominees such as “Mass Effect 3,” “Guild Wars 2,” “Halo 4,” and “Dishonored …

Year in Review 2012: Best MMO
It's the perfectly crafted artistic vision and the impeccably designed gameplay that turned Guild Wars 2 into an amazing MMO, but it's the technical understanding of a changing economy and a better understanding of what gamers want from an MMO that …
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The next Xbox and other predictions for gaming in 2013
It will be released alongside a 7-inch Surface tablet that is dedicated to Xbox gaming. The hardware is likely to be an expensive purchase, but Microsoft will continue to offer smartphone-like service contracts for price-subsidized alternatives. So …
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Gamers community.
gamers community

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Research Paper Investigates Gamer Loyalty to MMOs
Sanders urges developers to "build more selective or elaborate chat rooms and community features to help players socialize." It's no secret that online gamers are drawn to the games their friends are playing, which means that maintaining player loyalty is …
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Guild Wars 2 free trial event begins today
The weekend-long free trial event for Guild Wars 2 is set to begin today, giving gamers a chance to explore Tyria just in time for the Lost Shores update. So how does this trial work? Well, first you need a friend who has already purchased the game …
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Guild Wars 2 Free Trial Commencing With Lost Shores Event
While ArenaNet introduced The Lost Shores event for Guild Wars 2 in the wake of their interrupted Halloween event, it seems the world-changing three-day escapade won't be the only thing gamers have to look forward to. If you haven't already joined the …
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